How do I grow and eat food?

When you start the game and complete the introductory tutorial, you will discover rows for growing crops. Place a row on a free part of the island.
In order to plant a crop, tap on the row, choose the crop you wish to plant, then tap and hold to spread the plant over the rows.
After the growing period is finished, you will be able to harvest it. Tap on the crop, then tap and hold on the sickle and drag it over the plants to collect them. The whole crop will end up in your Storage. If you don't have enough Storage space, the resources will gather in piles on the ground next to the place they are harvested from.

You can make food for the characters in the game, and get charges of energy when they eat it. To do this, choose a dish (collect all the necessary ingredients for cooking) on the Grill and drag it to an empty cell at the bottom of the screen.

When the dish is ready, collect it by tapping on it, by doing which you send the cooked dish to the Dining Table. On the Table, choose the dish, drag it to an empty cell at the bottom of the screen, and tap on the Fork & Plate icon.

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